Telecoms is once again in the limelight for less than desirable reasons. The tug-of-war among telcos and the regulatory and financial eco-system is exasperating.

For an economy at the forefront of digitalisation, this has grave implications and a lot has already been written about it. Having been in the business of ‘telecoms for business’, I think the current spotlight is a good trigger to revisit how enterprises’ use of telecommunications is shaping up for the future.


Once upon a time, RCom and TTSL were significant service providers until their flagship business of consumer telephony went under water. And therein lies…

In this blog we look at some of the critical components of Industry 4.0 implementation and how it has the potential of changing the entire spectrum of manufacturing organizations.

Industry 4.0 has very far-reaching impact on manufacturing organizations, right from ‘material in’ stage to finished ‘product out’ stage of the entire value chain. Operational efficiency of the entire chain, machine efficiency, energy efficiency, production efficiency, maintenance efficiency, may it be predictive or breakdown maintenance, warehousing efficiency, HSE, health, safety & environment efficiency in the manufacturing framework and the game has just begin!

1. Industrial IoT or IIoT

Industrial IoT is…

Do the names IndiCash or Money Spot ring a bell? Believe it or not, these are ATMs just like the ones run by large banks except these are not run or owned by any bank.

Surprised! Welcome to the world of White Labelled ATMs or WLAs, for short. They are not an esoteric breed either — collectively, WLAs make up 10% of the total ATMs in India.

What is a White Labelled ATM?

ATMs set up, owned and operated by non-banks are called WLAs. Non-bank ATM operators are authorised under the Payment & Settlement Systems Act, 2007 by the Reserve Bank of India (RBI). In all…


Some of the technology trends are helping us to return to normalcy where some trends will help us to understand the changed reality and how we cope and manage that to our advantage. In simple terms here is a list of trends and their impact, on the ecosystem around us and how these trends, in spite of being invisible to many are helping our lives and will help in future.

1. AI or Artificial Intelligence

AI seems to be the BIG tech trend currently and is around us more than we know and is helping us to understand the world in which we live today…

A lot has been written and spoken about the 4th industrial revolution, also referred to Industry 4.0 or i4.0, in short. Most of the discussion in popular technology media is about the transformative power i4.0 and usually written from the perspective of large modern factories in high cost labour economies.

Digital Manufacturing

The question we are often confronted with is whether Industry 4.0 is relevant to the majority of Indian manufacturers where small and medium scale industries are dominant. …


As a CISO or a Network Architecture or Network Security Head, one of the most common question that crosses your mind when you are considering a WAN architecture is “Should I decide in favor of SD-WAN or MPLS? The decision to bet on SD-WAN has significant considerations for the organization, so yes, the question is quite pertinent.

Compared to MPLS, SD-WAN can be less expensive, more secure, and provide higher performance. MPLS can have steep bandwidth costs, while SD-WAN protects your network from vulnerabilities that MPLS cannot. The short answer is that SD-WAN offers better visibility, availability, enhanced performance, and…

Digital Transformation
Digital Transformation

This time around we have a look at how these 3 components are critically dependent on each other in the journey of a digital organization and why the time is NOW to embark on this journey before it is too late.

“Digital Organization” is the journey that a lot of organizations globally have embarked on and various initiatives are underway to transform the business processes to digital. Industry pundits predict that the global spending on digital transformation technologies will increase at neck breaking pace. The digital transformation technologies have demonstrated to create great benefits to organizations in the areas of…

Information is the fuel of contemporary business. For most white collared workers, information tools are the only non-human ‘thing’ they work with everyday. Work From Home at such a large scale and remote working in the last 1 year has proved that as long as you can ensure the flow of information, businesses will continue. Sure, factories, goods, stores and such other physical infrastructure do matter, but information is what keeps business going.

Managed Network Services

If information is the life blood, then data networks are the blood vessels that ensure it continues flowing. To some extent, information has always been central to…

Logistics Industry

The logistics industry, despite the disruptions in the supply chain and transportation, whether surface or air, ensured the global movements of goods and helped the wheels of all industries remain in motion.

Certain behavioral changes for a person or an organization is a natural progression and happens based on ability to adapt, learn and put to use. In some situations, this is circumstantially forced and the cycle of adapt, learn and put to use is drastically reduced. If I were to reflect on my behavior with regards to online shopping, personally I was not a supporter and did not enjoy…

Telecoms is the Rahul Dravid of the digital world. The silent and reliable foundation for flamboyant front-end apps and analytics that get all the good press.

But the power, influence and profits of telecoms are greatly diminished and investors are cagey about putting their money in the pipe business. According to McKinsey & Co.’s ‘A Blue Print for Telecom’s Critical Reinvention’, the share of the top 25 global telecom operators vs. the top 8 internet companies had shrunk to 40% in 2019 compared to 74% in 2014.

Globally, enterprise is nearly 50% of the total telecoms spend though in India…

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